Wieneke is a Brand Interior Designer with focus on sustainable interior projects.

Rooted in set-design for television and events, she is highly appreciated by her clients for her knowledge of telling a story and living a brand through interior design. She can undertake all aspects of design: from think-tank participation and consultancy, to concept development, (product) design and styling.
Your brand is her biggest inspiration. But she loves to challenge your beliefs about yourself. She loves creating a world for you, telling your story from a different angle and with a keen eye for detail.

Wieneke offers the positives of a large company with the advantages of a small business. Her vast network and close collaboration with high-skilled professionals, combined with broad knowledge and years of operational experience, results in a flexible collaboration for projects of any scale.

Her extensive knowledge of sustainable design is without a doubt a strong relevant asset, acknowledged and appreciated by many of her clients.

Since November 2020 Wieneke shares her passion for finding and collecting special concepts and designs through her retail store and webshop Supermatique. Like entering a cabinet of curiosities SuperMatique gets you inspired finding original home accessories, lamps and gifts.